Various esoteric forms such as Vashikaran & Sammohan are on the verge of extinction. Our prime aim is to keep this art alive and also to make sure that it is not been used by people with wrong motive.

Note - If you use Vashikaran to harm others, then you are likely to have the exercise bounce back on you some time in the future with a considerable interest percentage added on.

Introduction to Vashikaran-

In the early ages occult knowledge was imparted openly, as the sciences are taught in our colleges now. But in the course of time many allowed their selfishness to rule and so abused their power that it became necessary to withhold such knowledge from the unworthy. Centuries ago, men understood and controlled forces of unbelievable power. Today little is known about the uses of such dark enchantments. In fact, most of what survives, such as Astrology, Crystals, and Tantra is so watered-down as to be practically meaningless. The true origins of most New Age rituals are unknown to most modern-day practitioners, lost over the centuries as such wisdom became more and more shrouded in secrecy. Those with the knowledge and power weren't willing to share it .
The Attraction towards the subject of Occult Sciences is not just restricted to knowing about the future of one’s life (like Astrology, Love Spells, Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Numerology etc) but, there are many other hidden aspects to it. Since last several years  we as a group are  actively involved and dedicated our life to master such forbidden arts. We aim to offer a very rare insider's peek at the world of an ancient tradition of yogis, sages and Tantrics, with a highly esoteric knowledge that is not available to all. Vashikaran.Org aims to offer you insights into the Mystical realms of Tantra and attempts to uncover the esoteric rituals which were shrouded under secrecy.

Vashikaran Amulet

Vashikaran Amulet is a a form of Taveez or a Charm to wear it around your neck to bring desired changes.

Vashikaran Products & Services -

  • Vashikaran Mala
  • Sammohan Mala
  • Kamadeva Mala (Kamdev Mala)
  • Kama-Kala Mala
  • Mohan Mala
  • Mohini Mala
  • Lakshmi Akarshan Mala
  • Kuber Mala
  • Krishna Sammohan Mala
  • Kaam Kali Mala
  • Trilokya Mohan Mala
  • Akarshan Mala
  • Vashikaran Sammohan Mala
  • Vashikaran Kit
  • Sammohan Kit
  • Kamadeva Kit(Kamdev Kit)
  • Kama-Kala Kit
  • Mohini Kit
  • Lakshmi Akarshan Kit
  • Pushp Kuber Kit
  • Krishna Sammohan Kit
  • Kaam Kali Mohan Kit
  • Trilokya Mohan Ganesh Kit
  • Akarshan Kit
  • Vashikaran Sammohan Kit
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