Astha Kamadeva Yajna

Invoking the 8 forms of KamadevaThe Astha Kamadeva Yajna is performed ONLY once a Year on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami.  Astha means Eight in Sanskrit. Vasant Panchami marks the season of Spring, the season of Lord Kamadeva. The ritual will commence from Tuesday, 16 February 2021.

Kamadeva is the epitome of Love, Desire & Attraction. All forms of magnetism & Vashikaran powers emerge from Kama. Kamadeva is the fountain of Subjugation & Enchantment. Kama is invoked to create an immense magnetism within you, so others will be attracted to you as if it was their own Choice. The Yajna is aimed to open avenues of opportunities in both Personal and Professional life.

The Astha Kamadeva Yajna is a rare fire ritual which according to scriptures can only be performed ONCE a year i.e. on the day of Vasant Panchami.

What makes this ritual so rare & exclusive –

This extensive ritual INVOKES all the 8 emanations of Kamadeva. Each form of Kama is said to posses a unique essence in itself. The 8 Forms of Kamadeva are as follows –

1. Kama
2. Bhashmashreera
3. Ananga
4. Manmatha
5. Vasantsakha
6. Samara
7. Ikshudhanurdhara &
8. Pushpbana

Benefits of Astha Kamadeva Yajna –

The Astha Kamadeva Yajna confers you with –

1.Power to Influence.
2.Ability to Subjugate .
3.Harmony in Married Life.
4.Attract New Relationship.
5.Improved Love Life.
6.Enhanced Social Life.
7.Fame and Recognition &
8.Boost your Vitality.

In the ritual the primary 8 forms of Kamadeva are awakened to bestow you magnetic aura & blissful love life. The Kama energy is abundantly available on the day of Vasant Panchami. Due to time constraint we can only conduct the Personalized Yajna for 4 people.

It is an exhaustive Personalized Yajna which is performed exclusively for a specific client. A team of priest conduct the Yajna for entire 45 days (without missing a day). Relentless efforts & high degree of dedication is required for this ritual. The ritual can only be conducted for few clients, so before ordering kindly make sure to call or email us with your Birth Details.

I had missed the opportunity in 2016 and could not participate due to my business tour. This time I made a prior booking and it was worth the wait. My personal life has improved after the puja and also it got me a promotion as management thought me to be the most efficient over others. I thank divine solutions and Kirti Singh for their support.

Nathan – North Carolina

“In a time of my struggle, you guys came to help me, reminded me of my strengths and directed me on the right path. Kirti ji it worked for me. Thanks for everything.

Kishan Malkani – U.S.A