The Rare Ritual of KAMADEVA

Love is an integral part of existence. Love is the binding force that make life worth living. Love & Relationships are governed & regulated by the God of Love – Kamadeva. Kama is the bond that keeps the attraction alive in relationship.

Each year we conduct Kamadeva Ritual which helps you lead a blissful life, improves your magnetism & confers blessings in life.

As per scriptures the below mentioned ritual can Only be conducted on the auspicious day of “Vasant Panchami” commencing on 29th Jan & extended upto 30th Jan 2020.

On this auspicious day we are energizing Trilokya Mohan Kamadeva Yantra.  Trailokya Mohan is a powerful Yantra for Subjugation. The extensive ritual is aimed to INVOKE all the 8 forms of Kamadeva. The 8 Forms of Kamadeva are as follows –

1. Kama
2. Bhashmashreera
3. Ananga
4. Manmatha
5. Vasantsakha
6. Samara
7. Ikshudhanurdhara &
8. Pushpbana

The Trilokya Mohan Kamadeva Yantra is capable of eradicating relationship issues and empower you with –

1. Power to Influence.
2. Ability to Subjugate.
3. Harmony in Married Life.
4. Attract New Relationship.
5. Improved Love Life.
6. Enhanced Social Life.
7. Fame and Recognition &
8. Boost your Vitality.

In the ritual the primary 8 forms of Kamadeva are awakened to bestow you magnetic aura & blissful love life. The Kama energy is abundantly available on the day of Vasant Panchami.The Kamadeva Kit includes the following –

  • Energized Trilokya Mohan Kamadeva Yantra – The Yantra is to be kept in your worship place, alter or bedroom this helps the positive energies to radiate at your home.
  • Customized Kama Kala Mala – The energized Mala is meant to be worn during special events & social gatherings.
  • Manmatha Rati Amulet – Manmatha is one of the names of Kama. The amulet can either be worn or kept with you to boost your attraction & magnetism.
  • Guidance eManual – The personalized eManual is provide which guides you on the usage of energized articles.
  • Kamadeva Mantra Audio – The Audio is very helpful to help correct pronunciation of the Kamadeva Mantra.
  • Telephonic Guidance – At at point you are stuck, you can always call or email us.

In the limited time frame the Yantra can be customized only for 10 people. If interested immediately write to us with your Full Name & Birth Date to energize the Yantra.

Astha Kamadeva Yantra

Namaste Kirti,

I had lot of fights with my spouse, but after ritual and the guidance, we argue less and understand each other better.

Martha - Spain

Thank You Kirti Singh & his team. Seriously…the ritual amount was too high for me, but I am finally relieved coz my sister is happily married now. All issues were resolved amicably. Thnx…jas
Jaspreet Walia - Canada


Our love life was getting stale. My wife was loosing interest from sex. I performed the mantra recitations daily and I can see a change in her behavior.

Martin - Australia