Q. Should Vashikaran be used to bring people under control?

Vashikaran is an Ancient Eastern Esoteric Science if used wisely can create miracle in Relationships. Vashikaran  is an Mystical Tantric Technique given by our Sages and which is Potent in this modern times if done in a Right Way. You should use this esoteric rituals to change situations and circumstances in your favor and get what you desire. But it should always be used in a positive and constructive manner, to influence others, create love and affection, and win favors.

If your intent is right then, you can certainly proceed with Vashikaran

Q. What distinguishes your Services and Products from others?

Our Authentic and Energized Vashikaran Services (High Powered Yajna, Personalized Relationship Havan) & Products like (Amulet, Yantra, Malas & Kits) are custom-made considering your specific problem. Vashikaran Yantras and all the Articles are Energized as per your Name, Date of Birth and taking in consideration the details of the person whom you want to bring under your Influence. You should also understand that each Yantra and Rosaries are individually consecrated and sanctified in the name of individuals. Yajna and other prana-pratishtit kriyas are performed before be sent it dispatched to you.

Q. Does Vashikaran work? What is your success rate?

We are offering “Vashikaran Services” since 2011. We know What works under What Situation. There is no trial & error. We have mastered & know what is best solution for a particular situation. Today, people from different countries and cultures request our services time after time asking for assistance. Over the years we have received several feedback thanking us for bringing about outcome which hadn’t occurred otherwise. If it has worked for others, you are no Exception.

When we analyse your problem we can exactly mention you on the Success rate as there are many factors to consider which vary from individual to individual.

Q. I Purchased the ready-made Yantra online, but it failed to give results?

Ready made Yantras are mere pieces of Metal. We encourage you to do a little research online and you will see that most of the places like ebay.com, amazon.com and other spiritual website sell the same Pattern of Yantra.  YES , all are identical. Ask your self, if the situation and the problems differ, how can the solution be the same? These Yantras will never work as they are not Customized.

Our Yantra’s and all relevant spiritual items are Energized by Tantrics. Rituals and Havans are performed for several days to offer you the desired results. Further the Yantra and Rosaries also differ from Individual to Individual. Each person has a unique problem and even the solution differs from situation to situation. What may work for Mr.X may not work for Mr.Y. This is the reason we encourage you to contact us. with your problem (along with you Birth details) or Call us on +1-8666992469  (Mon to Fri) so we can guide with the most accurate solution.

Still if you are inclined to buy the ready-made yantra’s, you can get it and witness the results by yourself.

Q. What are Vashikaran Kits or Customized Kits?

Vashikaran Kit’s are primarily self remedial kits which are devised for different reasons, purpose and outcome. Vashikaran Kit an energized & customized which comprise items like Energized Yantras, Personalized Rosary, Mantra Audio and an exhaustive instruction manual which you will require in order to perform the ritual by yourself.

Q. How do I Safeguard myself from Fake Vashikaran website and cheaters?

The fake Gurus are spread in the Northern Parts of India. They display fake recognition and promise instant solutions. This itself speaks a lot about these guys. Always use credible source while sharing sensative information.

Q. When will I see results & What is the guarantee of results?

Some people hold a false notion that Vashikaran Yantras and Yajnas work like a quick pill. Many troubled seekers often overlook that – Tantra is a science involving art and skill of the performer and takes time to exhibit results. Patience is a virtue that not every client possesses.

Those of you that have used our services know that it is a process definitely gives results in the said time frame. On our part we perform the best of our Karma and exercise our skills gained over the years to help you.

We don’t offer our services for free, neither we provide guarantee, because we are a Medium & not God.

Q. Do you offer Money back Guarantee?

When you hire an attorney to represent you in court you will pay a fee up front regardless of the outcome of the case.

Ask yourself, does it sound sensible to be able to have my money back guaranteed for the Yajna’s and Rituals performed by us? An authentic organization and truly skilled people don’t offer money back guaranteed because the fees obtained from you is utilized over Puja materials like Ghee, Fruits, Naivedya, Firewood Sticks, Flowers, Incense, Herbs, Dakshina (fees) to the Pandits and time utilized for accomplishing Yajnas. Read More details on Guaranteed Vashikaran here –

Q. What will be the Minimum fees of the “Energized Yantra” that you offer?

The Minimum fees towards obtaining the Custom-made Vashikaran Yantra Energized by Tantrics, Energized Rosaries (Mala), Custom-made Vashikaran Manual and Shipping will be 240 USD onward.

Q. How soon will the Vashikaran Articles be delivered to me?

We ship by FedEx and DHL worldwide. You can expect it to be delivered with in 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the type of ritual.

Q. How do I make Payment?

We accept payment by PayPal . After analyzing your problem we will guide you to the payment link.

If any of your Questions remains unanswered kindly email us or call us on Toll Free Number – 1-866-699-2469 (For U.S & Canada only)

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