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The Rare Ritual of KAMADEVA

Love is an integral part of existence. Love is the binding force that make life worth living. Love & Relationships are governed & regulated by the God of Love – Kamadeva. Kama is the bond that keeps the attraction alive in relationship.

Each year we conduct Kamadeva Ritual which helps you lead a blissful life, improves your magnetism & confers blessings in life.

As per scriptures the below mentioned ritual can Only be conducted on the auspicious day of “Vasant Panchami” commencing on 29th Jan & extended upto 30th Jan 2020.

On this auspicious day we are energizing Trilokya Mohan Kamadeva Yantra.  Trailokya Mohan is a powerful Yantra for Subjugation. The extensive ritual is aimed to INVOKE all the 8 forms of Kamadeva. The 8 Forms of Kamadeva are as follows –

1. Kama
2. Bhashmashreera
3. Ananga
4. Manmatha
5. Vasantsakha
6. Samara
7. Ikshudhanurdhara &
8. Pushpbana

The Trilokya Mohan Kamadeva Yantra is capable of eradicating relationship issues and empower you with –

1. Power to Influence.
2. Ability to Subjugate.
3. Harmony in Married Life.
4. Attract New Relationship.
5. Improved Love Life.
6. Enhanced Social Life.
7. Fame and Recognition &
8. Boost your Vitality.

In the ritual the primary 8 forms of Kamadeva are awakened to bestow you magnetic aura & blissful love life. The Kama energy is abundantly available on the day of Vasant Panchami.The Kamadeva Kit includes the following –

  • Energized Trilokya Mohan Kamadeva Yantra – The Yantra is to be kept in your worship place, alter or bedroom this helps the positive energies to radiate at your home.
  • Customized Kama Kala Mala – The energized Mala is meant to be worn during special events & social gatherings.
  • Manmatha Rati Amulet – Manmatha is one of the names of Kama. The amulet can either be worn or kept with you to boost your attraction & magnetism.
  • Guidance eManual – The personalized eManual is provide which guides you on the usage of energized articles.
  • Kamadeva Mantra Audio – The Audio is very helpful to help correct pronunciation of the Kamadeva Mantra.
  • Telephonic Guidance – At at point you are stuck, you can always call or email us.

In the limited time frame the Yantra can be customized only for 10 people. If interested immediately write to us with your Full Name & Birth Date to energize the Yantra.

Astha Kamadeva Yantra

Namaste Kirti,

I had lot of fights with my spouse, but after ritual and the guidance, we argue less and understand each other better. Martha - Spain

Thank You Kirti Singh & his team. Seriously…the ritual amount was too high for me, but I am finally relieved coz my sister is happily married now. All issues were resolved amicably. Thnx…jas Jaspreet Walia - Canada


Our love life was getting stale. My wife was loosing interest from sex. I performed the mantra recitations daily and I can see a change in her behavior. Martin - Australia

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Vashikaran Mala Wed, 23 Jan 2019 11:18:38 +0000 Vashikaran Mala is primarily used to attract the desired person for the purpose of love or marriage. Energized Vashikaran Mala is beneficial to boost attraction.

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Vashikaran Love String Mala

Do You Want To Attract Love?

Do You Desire to Spark Irresistible Attraction within you?

Love String symbolizes attraction and enticing magnetism. It is devised from a substance with high vibration energy. This special rosary heightens attraction and stimulates an irresistible appeal in the wearer. It helps to attract the desired person. For ones who have been hurt in love, this rosary acts as a boon. It releases the blockages, shrinks heartache and emotional pain.

Healers and Mystics have collectively acknowledged the power of Love String. This energized rosary is known for improving love and enhancing the Relationship at all levels. Our present clients have witnessed immense benefits from wearing this energized rosary. From Reiki practitioner to spell caster, from healers to psychics encourage its usage. In the psychic and spiritual realms, this tool is extensively used to attract lover.

What makes this Rosary Unique?

Love String is an exclusive rosary, as it is devised and energized with combination of Vashikaran and Sammohan mantra chants. Further this rosary is customized with the amalgamation of tantric rituals and attraction mantra. Love string is formulated with rare mantras which act as an attraction accelerator. The moment you wear this sanctified mala it creates an aura of attraction. It promotes receptivity to beauty of all forms. It draws off negative energy and replaces with loving vibes. Love string is formulated with rare mantras which act as an attraction booster.

Benefits of Energized Love String Rosary –

  • The rosary encourages love and harmony between couples.
  • Love string consistently surges vibration of love for the owner.
  • Bestows inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love.
  • Love string helps to patch the relationship hurt in love.
  • Overall wearing this rosary generates receptive energy of love and bonding.

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Rediscover – The Magic of Dusk

Become filled with exquisite beauty as you voyage into the land of mystical power. The realm where all the esoteric and mystic power awaits to embrace you.

In the audio “Midnight with Mystic” we have presented a practical approach to gain maximum benefits by using the Mantric Sounds of Vashikaran. Midnight Mystic series comprises PROVEN Spells of Enchantment and Attraction. In this audio we explore diverse TIME TESTED mantras created over the centuries. Midnight Magic unveils the spectrum of occult mantras and the workings of these Sacred Sounds. These mantras are time tested and designed to awaken the dormant captivation potential within you.

Now, you too can Dream, Dare, and Develop mystical power with the expert guidance laid down in the Audio.

These mantras are time tested and designed to awaken the dormant captivation potential within you.



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Attraction – Tantric Sounds to Captivate HER

This series is developed after receiving several email requests and calls from Men around the globe, seeking solutions to Attract,
Control and Captivate the desired women/girl. It took over 8 months for our team of priest to compile this audio series. It is a
compilation of years of experience and testing.

Attraction is evident amongst all species. Everything revolves around attraction. People attempt different ways to attract and
gain attention of the person they are fond of. Some Fail and some Succeed. Some take the practical approach, whereas the wise
opt’s for a metaphysical way. Tantra is a sacred path which empowers us to fulfill every desire of your life.

In the realm of Tantra things work bit differently. The practitioner of Tantra does not SEEK, in fact he COMMANDS the natural
forces of sounds to work for him. Tantric Attraction works on a very subtle and invisible level.

This audio series is named “ATTRACTION” and is aimed to help you Attract the women you Love. The “Attraction” series is
aimed to accomplish only 1 task that is to – ATTRACT THE DESIRED FEMALE.

This series contains 10 Potent Mantras to help you attract the mate or the beloved you desire. It is aimed to attract a SPECIFIC

How these Mantras can help you?

The proven potent mantras are woven into various combinations to help you resolve issues in area of relationship. As you begin
recitation – the mantras will directly penetrate the mind of the desired female. These mantras have an deeper impact on her
thoughts, actions and behavior.

How will these mantras work? Mantras in ACTION…

She would start thinking about you as if it was her own thought. She will subconsciously start seeking you. Rationally she may
not have any justification as to why she is pulled towards you, but deep down she will develop a fascination towards you. By
reciting these proven mantras you will gain complete control over her.

The audio contains 10 Mantra which you can use as per your specific situation. Along with the audio a detailed Guidance
Instructions Manual is also provided to guide you at each step.

Are you ready to experience indisputable mystical truths?

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Magical Attraction – Vashikaran, Sammohan & Akarshan Mantras


How to Invoke the unseen powers, that you know exists.
You experience this pull in your daily lives, but cannot elucidate it?
Explore Deeper Into Undisclosed Realm of Mysticism with Magical Attraction.
How you can heal your relationship problems whether you are married or you are living with someone.

-Do You Like Someone Specific?

-Do You Wish to Gain His/Her Attention?

-Do You Seek Attention From a Particular Men or Women?

-Is Your Spouse Losing Interest in You?

Magical Attraction combines sacred and safe mantras to Attract & Magnetize the beloved in subtle ways. This audio series contains mantras aimed to Attract a specific person or an individual. By reciting these mantras the person will feel the unstoppable pull towards you. He or She may not be able to describe it logically, but will not even stop thinking about you.

Magic Manifests in its own Secret way. Magical Attraction is not about manipulating someone or acting against their free will, it’s about transforming situations and relations in a harmonious way.

The series contains 6 potent mantras aimed to bring delightful changes in the desired person by embracing the power of sacred sounds.

Let the sounds connect you with the omnipresent Tantric Tattwa. Let it fill your life with grace & grandeur of the Divine.

Coming Soon

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Sacred Sounds for Attracting & Healing Relationships

What if you could command the mystic forces of the Universe to help you Attract Abundant Love into your life?

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if you had the power to Amplify your Attraction?

The Esoteric India sounds holds the Elixir to Empower you with Eternal Enchantment.

The Audio contains Proven Mantras – When evoked directly influences your inner states, events and people around you. These mantras are specifically formulated to confer you an irresistible Magnetism and Charm. This audio volume contains 8 unique mantras to help you with the following –

• Attract a desired mate into your life.
• Heal your existing Relationship.
• Sounds to confer you the power to Subdue others.
• Mantras to captivate the specific Men or Women.
• Sammohan Mantras to make people desire you eternally.

** The downloadable audio also includes a PDF instruction guide.

Elixir – Sacred Sounds for Attracting & Healing Relationships

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Enchantment – Vashikaran Mantras for Females

How To Create Irresistible Attraction within You?

Explore Deeper Into Undisclosed Realm of Mysticism with Magical Enchantment.

Love is a mystical force that moves us throughout our lives and shapes our daily existence. Think about it for a moment: Every woman is seeking love, Working to keep the flames burning, Looking for a Soul-Mate, Recovering from a relationship that has faded or Bemoaning the lack of a good man in her life.

ENCHANTMENT Audio Series is a collection of Love Mantras to –

  • Help you Attract the Men of your dreams.
  • Manifesting a True Soul-mate.
  • Harmonizing Relations with your husband.
  • Rekindle Attraction amongst couples.
  • Mantras to gain more Magnetism.

As you use these magical mantras, you tap into the natural forces that exist all around us, on earth and in the heavens, and attract a specific outcome. By channeling the “Mantric Energies” you create the conditions you truly desire.

This audio imbibes mesmerizing mantras to help you pull the energy of love and romance into your life. Recitation is a wonderful way to connect with Love and experience the fullness in your life.

The ENCHANTMENT series contains 8 potent mantras aimed to attract the desired Men by embracing the power of sacred sounds.

Enchantment Mantra Audio

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Leela – The Magic of Krishna…

LEELA is a Sanskrit expression meaning Play. When this activity is played by Krishna, it becomes Krishna Leela.

The audio series contains Sacred Mantras dedicated to Lord Krishna. The audio is designed to help you Attract Love and Harmony and most importantly resolve issues in relationships. The mantras contained in this audio do not demand rigid rituals or strict regulations. The proven mantras are aimed to improve each area of your life.

Krishna Vashikaran Mantra –
The mantra is aimed to Attract the person you Love or Desire. The mantra plants the seeds of fascination and pulls the desired person towards you.

Krishna Akarshan Mantra –
The exceptional Tantric Mantra devised to draw people towards you. Confers you the ability to draw people towards you.

Krishna Sammohan Mantra –
One of the finest mantra that not even Great Gurus and Yogis will share with you. It bestows you an ability to become a “Attraction Magnet”. As you use this mantra you vibrate and gel with the ultimate force of Desire i.e. Krishna.

Krishna Mohini Mantra –
Mohini mantra is meant to Enchant and develop Hypnotic qualities within you. As you listen and recite the Mohini Mantra you cast a Spell over yourself, which makes you desirable to anyone.

Krishna Mohan Mantra –
Mohan mantra is best suited for the professionals in area of Public Relations, Marketing and Sales and people whose profession demands regular interaction with others.

Krishna Aishwarya Mantra –
If you wish to lead a lavish and luxury life filled with material comforts this mantra is meant for you.

Krishna Kamadeva Mantra –
The mantra is a combination of Tantric Seed sounds which holds the dual potency as it invokes Kama and Krishna concurrently.

Krishna Sampoorna Mantra –
Lord Krishna was endowed with this mantra by his Guru Sandipan. This mantra attracts material pleasures, luxury and boosts harmony in your life.

Krishna Sarvajan Mantra –
Sarvajan is a Sanskrit expression which means Everyone. This syllables are capable to attract and enchant the Masses. This mantra is practiced by high profile Business tycoons, Politicians and Gurus to create mass following.

Krishna Leela Audio

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The word Yantra means an instrument or a geometric design utilized for worship, fulfilling the desired wishes. In most of the rituals the Yantra is also used by which the mind is concentrated on a fixed object or goal. The God or deity is worshipped either in the form of a pratima (idol), mandala or Yantra. Mandala is a geometric drawing generally drawn or made with various prescribed colors. The difference between mandala and Yantra is that the mandala is used or created for the worship of any god or devata, whereas a Yantra is appropriately used for specific god or goddess or a presiding deity for a specific and desired benefit. After attaining certain spiritual status under the guidance of a learned guru only, the sadhaka is allowed to write or worship the Yantra. The word Yantra is so called because it subdues or it makes ‘Niyantrana’ i.e. Control over the desired outcome. Yantra minimizes sufferings caused due to unfavourable circumstances. Yantra is considered as the physical or three dimensional (3D) form of a mantra that is associated with it. Normally Yantra is designed, engraved or drawn on metal or paper or other materials like the skin of a deer, tiger or on a Bhojpatra. The Yantra is worshipped in the same way as one worships an idol. Since ages people of different civilizations believed in the significance of the geometric designs, representing different gods. In India since Vedic period, people realized the power and energy associated within the geometric symbols, since then Yantras are worshipped by the great rishis, seers and sadhakas. Yantras and mantras are interlinked with each other. Just as one finds different idols of gods and goddesses so as different Yantras for different gods and goddesses. Certain rituals are made in the worship of an idol so also, in the preparation and worship of an Yantra. The sadhaka first meditates upon the god and then arouses Him or Her in himself. Then the god is invoked within self, and then infused into the Yantra by the prana pratishta ceremony, the god is thus installed in the Yantra. By following proper method of worship, systematic and proper recitation of the prescribed mantras, the material elements are induced to make the Yantra powerful.

Just as there are different mantras for different problems there are Yantras for each situation and suffering, which when energized systematically will ward off the pain and confer desired results. They are capable of making an inauspicious planetary influence less troublesome or even to negate the effect altogether.

Mantras are the sacred sound vibrations of sacred syllables composed by great seers or rishis, from the primeval or cosmic ether and translated into very definite syllables with rhythm. The word Mantra is derivative of the two words in Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word ‘man’ means mind and ‘tra’ means relieving or freeing. Thus mantra means that which relieves the mind and its thinking about the material sphere. Each mantra will have different aspects associated with it. Rishi or the seer who composed the mantra; chandas – the metre in which the structure of mantra is written; devata – the presiding god or goddess of the mantra; .Bija or seed – the sacred syllables of the mantra and kilaka – the plug or device that conceals the power of the mantra. It is very important that Yantras have to be prepared by a learned and fully qualified person / tantrika, then infused with the specific energy, through the prescribed process (mantra vidhi). Otherwise, it will remain only as an interesting geometric piece of design but not as an Yantra.

The Yantra is generally drawn or etched on a piece of metal – gold or silver, bronze or copper and even minerals. It can also be drawn on a leaf (bhoorja patra). In modem times paper is also used to draw the Yantras. Usually a long lasting material is used to draw the diagram. After a Yantra is made, to sustain its power the sadhaka should worship it regularly without neglecting the same. Mantras and Yantras must be used with utmost care and dedication by regular puja and other rituals prescribed.

It is necessary that the Yantras are not only be prepared but also be worshipped by the learned and sincere sadhakas. Some times one can experience the ineffectiveness of the Yantras in producing desired results, this is because of improper preparation by an improper person without following the prescribed guidelines or proper method of worship. Yantras are bound by time and space. There are many levels of rituals and worship involved in their preparation as well as their usage, hence, their preparation and usage are advised strictly under the guidance of an able guru.

Even for the preparation of different Yantras there are prescribed periods and time as per the Hindu calendar. The usage of Yantra is also guided by certain rules and regulations. Both for the preparation and usage auspicious months, fortnights, days and astral positions are considered. Sravana, Bhadrapada, Kartika, Magha and Phalguna months are considered good for the preparation of Yantras. Coming to the fortnights, Sukla paksha (the fortnight starting from Amavasya – New Moon and ending with Paurnami – Full Moon) is the preferred one compared to the Krishna paksha (fortnight starting with Paurnami and ending with Amavasya).

In the same way there are different days prescribed for different purpose Yantras and also for different sects of people.

The colours of the Yantras are also defined depending on the usage. The Yantra for controlling others i.e. Vashikaran Yantra be done in red, Yantras for elimination (maarana) or driving away (uchchaatana) the enemies are to be done in black colour, Yantra for attracting (Sammohan) others be done in blue colour while the Yantra for health and wealth be done in orange colour.

Not only the colours, even the lines to draw in a Yantra are to be done in a prescribed manner while creating the Yantra. While drawing / creating the Yantra the lines are to be drawn from east to west if the Yantra under preparation is meant for a good and positive purpose. If the Yantra is for a purpose like warding off evil effects or for the defeat of enemy, the lines in the Yantra are to be drawn from west to east. For the promotion of business or developing the profession the lines prescribed are from north to south. Time of creating the Yantra also has its own merits and demerits. For the Yantras aimed for general good purposes, morning time is prescribed, for bad and evil effects midday is mentioned and for peace and harmony midnight is the suitable time for preparation. Of course, at any time, whether day or night, planetary positions are also to be considered. Materials used for creating the Yantras also differ depending on the type, availability and purpose of the Yantra. They include metal, paper, leaves, minerals, astagandha powder, clay etc.

Depending on the usage and purpose, Yantras are classified into different types like Bhu Prisht Yantras, Meru Prisht Yantras, Patel Yantras, Meru Prastara Yantras and Ruram Prisht Yantras.

Bhu Prisht Yantras are the ones made from the material available from the earth (Bhu). These are again divided into Meru Prisht and Patel Yantras depending on their shape.

Meru Prisht Yantras are the raised ones with a wide base and peaked into a pointed shape at tip like a mountain while the Patel Yantras are the ones which are in the reverse form of Meru Prisht Yantras. These are shaped in the form of a inverted hill.

Meru PrastarYantras are the ones which are in the shape of Meru mountain. RuramPrisht Yantras are the ones which are in the form of a tortoise shell over a rectangular base. Although these are the basic types, depending on the usage of Yantra they are again classified into Sarir Yantras, Dharan Yantras, Asana Yantras, Mandala Yantras and Puja Yantras.

Sarir Yantras are the ones which are worn on the body of a person. Dharan Yantras are also the Yantras to wear (dharan) over the body of a person. Asana Yantras are the ones which are placed in the foundations of the temples, under the seat of a puja in the homes, under the icons of worship, worship places and as well as temples. Mandal Yantras are the ones which are formed temporarily by the sadhakas. Nine sadhakas sit on all the four sides, four diagonal positions and one in the centre forming into the shape of a Yantra / mandala. The sadhaka in the centre forms the lead one chanting the mantra while the others repeat the same. Puja Yantras are the ones which are quite popular and in general use by householders and sadhakas like the Sri Chakra Yantra which is considered as the Chakra Raja -the king of all Yantras. They are also used in temples for worship. ChatarYantras are similar to the Dharan and Sarir Yantras and are placed either in the pocket of a person or under the turban on the head. Darshan Yantras are the Yantras found in temples placed for the view (darshan) and worship by the devotees. They are to be seen / worshipped in the mornings.

All the Yantras are associated with mantras. Mantras consisting of different bccjas (seed letters) are to be associated with Yantras depending on the purpose and usage of the same. Yantra creation is a highly scientific work to be undertaken by an experienced guru or sadhaka keeping in view all the points prescribed in the texts.

However, Mantramahodadhi elaborately deals with the Yantras and gives a detailed and different version about the Yantras in a chapter named Yantroddhara. It says that Lord Siva taught about this vidya to his consort Parvati.

To know the result of the proposed Yantra the sadhaka is about to write, he has to follow the following procedure. On an auspicious day he should start with a prayer to his family deity and perform japa of the deity’s mantra. He should observe celibacy and spend three days in dhyana. During these three days he should eat only the havishya bhojana (the remains of the homa offering – prasada to the deity ) and sleep on the floor. On the third day night he would see in a dream about the result of the Yantra he is going to write / prepare. It will be informed in his dream as one of the following i.e. siddha, sadhya, susiddha and ari. Siddha, sadhya and susiddha are the favourable indications to the sadhaka to go ahead with the desired preparation of the Yantra. If he gets the ari indication he should not go ahead with the writing of the Yantra as ari means enemy and it should never be prepared if there is an indication in the dream. The writing / preparation procedure of Yantra is also given in Mantramahodadhi. Mantramahodadhi also says that those sadhakas who intend to write Yantras

should worship Bhuta lipi consisting of 40 letters – am, im, um, rum………………sham, sam. It also

says that not only the Yantra writer but also the person who wears or worships the Yantra should know Bhuta lipi and mantra for quick and good results. Mantramahodadhi says that the sadhaka who intends to prepare the Yantra should perform japa of the Bhuta lipi mantra for one lakh times and perform homa with 1/10th of japa i.e. ten thousand times, then the sadhaka gets siddhi for writing the Yantra. While writing the Yantra he should also meditate upon Swarnakarshana Bhairava to get the total results. The Yantra written / prepared by a sadhaka who obtained siddhi in the above mentioned way surely gets the desired results otherwise the Yantra prepared will remain only as an ornamental piece.

Apart from different Yantras for different deities, Mantramahodadhi also informs different other Yantras for various purposes. They include Vasikarana Yantra (to attract and control others), Divya- Stambhana Yantra (to make fire and water ineffective over sadhaka’s body), Raj-Mohana Yantra (to attract and control the king / superior officer), Swamvara Yantra – Yantra for overcoming delay in marriage (For attracting desired life partner), Vivada vijayaprada Yantra (to come out of disputes successfully), BhrutyavasyakaraYantra (to get the servant under control), Raja Vashikaran Yantra (to get the superior officer under control), Vidveshana Yantra (to make a rift between two persons) Jvarahara Yantra (to control the fever), Saakini nivartaka Yantra (to prevent the bad spirits like bhuta, preta, pisacha powers), Sarpa bhayahara Yantra (to remove fear of serpents), Mrutyumjaya Yantra (to drive away the fear of death), etc.

Thus, like mantra, the Yantras also should be worshipped only after knowing the proper way of worship through a siddha guru or sadhaka (the guru or sadhaka who obtained siddhi) who is experienced and well informed. Mantramahodadhi also warns that experimenting with Yantras by the inexperienced persons with bookish knowledge, particularly in trying to create them, will lead to adverse results. Hence, Yantras should be worshipped or utilized under the guidance of a proper guru or sadhaka for better results and moksha – the ultimate bliss.

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Astha Kamadeva Yajna

Invoking the 8 forms of KamadevaThe Astha Kamadeva Yajna is performed ONLY once a Year on the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami.  Astha means Eight in Sanskrit. Vasant Panchami marks the season of Spring, the season of Lord Kamadeva. The ritual will commence from Tuesday, 16 February 2021.

Kamadeva is the epitome of Love, Desire & Attraction. All forms of magnetism & Vashikaran powers emerge from Kama. Kamadeva is the fountain of Subjugation & Enchantment. Kama is invoked to create an immense magnetism within you, so others will be attracted to you as if it was their own Choice. The Yajna is aimed to open avenues of opportunities in both Personal and Professional life.

The Astha Kamadeva Yajna is a rare fire ritual which according to scriptures can only be performed ONCE a year i.e. on the day of Vasant Panchami.

What makes this ritual so rare & exclusive –

This extensive ritual INVOKES all the 8 emanations of Kamadeva. Each form of Kama is said to posses a unique essence in itself. The 8 Forms of Kamadeva are as follows –

1. Kama
2. Bhashmashreera
3. Ananga
4. Manmatha
5. Vasantsakha
6. Samara
7. Ikshudhanurdhara &
8. Pushpbana

Benefits of Astha Kamadeva Yajna –

The Astha Kamadeva Yajna confers you with –

1.Power to Influence.
2.Ability to Subjugate .
3.Harmony in Married Life.
4.Attract New Relationship.
5.Improved Love Life.
6.Enhanced Social Life.
7.Fame and Recognition &
8.Boost your Vitality.

In the ritual the primary 8 forms of Kamadeva are awakened to bestow you magnetic aura & blissful love life. The Kama energy is abundantly available on the day of Vasant Panchami. Due to time constraint we can only conduct the Personalized Yajna for 4 people.

It is an exhaustive Personalized Yajna which is performed exclusively for a specific client. A team of priest conduct the Yajna for entire 45 days (without missing a day). Relentless efforts & high degree of dedication is required for this ritual. The ritual can only be conducted for few clients, so before ordering kindly make sure to call or email us with your Birth Details.

I had missed the opportunity in 2016 and could not participate due to my business tour. This time I made a prior booking and it was worth the wait. My personal life has improved after the puja and also it got me a promotion as management thought me to be the most efficient over others. I thank divine solutions and Kirti Singh for their support.

Nathan – North Carolina

“In a time of my struggle, you guys came to help me, reminded me of my strengths and directed me on the right path. Kirti ji it worked for me. Thanks for everything.

Kishan Malkani – U.S.A

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