Gandharva’s are celestial gods of Attraction & Arts

Gandharva Vashikaran Yajna to Attract Females & Increase Your Magnetism –

Beyond the 3 Dimensional world exists the transcendental domain of the Divine Beings, which is characterized by pure goodness. The Vedic literature expounds cosmos as a hierarchical composition, with a graded series of domain occupied by supernatural beings with different levels of supremacy and mystical powers. These celestial beings have access to us  and are always willing to help us.

The celestial beings are Apsaras, Vidyadharas, Siddhas, Kimpurusas and Gandharvas. In the realm of Tantra “Gadharvas” hold a special significance. They are exceptionally attractive immortals endowed with supernatural powers. They confer you the power to Enchant females and help you attract the Right life partner.

The ritual is performed for the following purpose –

1. Attract the desired Female in your life.
2. Remove unnecessary obstacles in Marriage.
3. If your find it difficult to find the Right partner.
4. If you are seeking the partner suiting your specific criteria.
5. If you are divorced & looking for the appropriate life partner.

The Gandharva Yajna is formulated with the prime aim to attract the opposite sex & create an irresistible attraction within you.

Since 10 years’ we have successfully conducted Gandharva Yajnas and Pujas for various clients and the Feedback have been outstanding. This ritual is for serious people you seek right marriage partner in their life.

The Benefits of Gandharva Yajna –

The usage of Customized Gandharva Yantra offers the following –

1. Attaining magnetic persona.
2. Creating Attraction and Magnetism.
3. Attracting girls and women.
4. Gaining the powers of Sammohan.
5. Boosting intimacy and enhancing relationship.
6. Enhancing social life.
7. Eradicates the delay in Marriage & attract the desired partner.

Gandharva Yajna is performed for a minimum duration of 21 days to 85 days.
You can select from the options below –


The Gandharva Ritual is a blessing for all the Men –

I am D. Kumar, I have been benefited through your services from many years ago by using the Ghandharva Kit and the Krishna Akarshan Kit.

– D.Kumar, London, U.K