Kamadeva Rati Sammohan Yajna

Yajna Overcome Conflicts and Disharmony in Relationship.

Kamadeva Rati Sammohan Yajna is one of the most powerful and Safe yajna to attract harmony in relationship. It helps resolve conflicts among couples.

Kamadeva Rati Sammohan Yajna

Kamadeva & Rati are considered the perfect couple signifying true essence of Love. Kamadeva is the eternal God of Love & Attraction & Rati is the epitome of Lust & Beauty. If you are facing serious relationship issue like –

  • Martial Conflicts.
  • Lack of Harmony.
  • Discord in relationship.
  • Ego Issues in Marriage.
  • Clashes among the lovers.

The Kamadeva Rati Vashikaran is best suited to overcome this issue. 

The Kama Rati Yajna confers you various benefits like –

  • Improves your Magnetism.
  • Develops Mutual Attraction among partners.
  • Stimulates greater bonding among lovers.
  • Enhances improved level of understanding.
The Kamadeva Rati Yajna is performed from Friday onward as it is the day of Love & governed by planet Venus. Contact us for the availability of the dates before ordering.
“I believed in the efficacy of rituals, but I’ll admit I was a bit skeptic.

I feel blessed with the results n particularly benefited from the 2nd phase of the ritual. My Aura is improving each day.

My Mom picked the changes in me instantly. I’m a believer now!”

– Naina Shetty, Colorado