Lakshmi Sammohan YajnaWealth is vital for a every human being as it is a medium to fulfill ones desire.
You have to be prosperous so that you can fulfill your dreams & also contribute to
the society at large.

Never underestimate the power of wealth.
Wealth gives you the power to live the lifestyle that you truly want, not a lifestyle that you are forced into.

Wealth and luxury is governed by the Goddess Lakshmi. The Lakshmi Sammohan Ritual is meant to attract wealth and opportunities.

Lakshmi Sammohan Yajna –

We have been conducting the “Lakshmi Sammohan Yajna” since 2012. The aim of Lakshmi Sammohan Yajna is to attract Money, Opportunities & Financial stability. There is a misconception that Mahalakshmi is the Goddess who only gives money and no spiritual progress. 

Goddess Lakshmi has different forms some are mentioned below –

  • Dhana Lakshmi to confer Wealth,
  • Dhanya Lakshmi to grants Food & Abundance,
  • Santana Lakshmi to bless with Child &
  • Moksha Lakshmi bestows you Spiritual progress & Liberation.

Besides there are other forms of Lakshmi & rituals associated with her are elaborated in Tantra Shastra & Sree Vidya for attracting Wealth quickly. One of the potent form is Lakshmi is referred as “Lakshmi Sammohini” who pulls wealth at a rapid pace. Under this Yajna the Sammohini form of the Goddess in invoked to confer you Abundance & Prosperity.

Benefits of Lakshmi Sammohan Yajna

The Yajna aims to improve your –

  • Financial situation.
  • Open avenues of opportunities.
  • Confers growth & prosperity.
  • Help you Retain Wealth.

There are several facts that makes this Yajna unique –

1: It’s efficacy is authenticated by Lord Indra & endorsed by seers like Vasistha,
Kardam & Adi Shankaracharya.

2: In present days several sects & Shree Vidya practitioners perform the ritual to
attract Wealth.

3: The ritual is extracted from one of the rarest Agamic Scripture.

4: The ritual is 100% Vedic & confers you consistent improvement.

Offerings of Pure Ghee & Lotus seeds are made to please the Goddess. It is to performed for 21 days without any break to bringing lasting changes in your personal & professional life.

During the ritual the Lakshmi Sammohan Yantra & Lakshmi Amulet will be Customized for you.

The ritual is performed on the day of Amavaysa (lunar phase of the New moon) or on Friday. Kindly contact us to check the the availability of the slots.


Hey Kirti…..

I did not see any results during the yagya but after 3 weeks I could really see things moving. My mom got promoted and I have got some new career options which could not happen earlier. Thanks for your help.

Kathy Miller