Personalized Vashikaran Yajna –

How is Vashikaran Yajna Personalized to suit your requirement?

We perform Vashikaran Yajnas as per your specific problem/situation. The duration of Yajna & the number of recitation and offerings varies depending upon the complexity of the problem. After taking your details in to consideration the Vashikaran Yajna is accomplished.

Your complete situation is understood before performing Yajna. The priest, performing the Yajna, puts forth the prayers of His to help you get the desired outcome.

For more details please contact us with your – Full Name, Date of Birth, Place and Time of Birth (if known) 

Some of the Personalized Yajnas conducted by us are mentioned below –

Vashikaran Yajna to Attract a specific Person

There is a point in life when you are attracted to a Particular person. Somewhere you feel that this is the only one who is best for you. Under such situation the Personalized Vashikaran Yajna is the best suited solution for you. We use 100% Positive Rituals.

Narsingh Vashikaran Yajna

God Narsingh is the primary deity of Power, Strength and eradicates the hurdles in one’s life. It helps you overcome various seen and unseen barriers in your life like Relationship issues, Anxiety, Stress, Low Confidence level and Career issues.


Kamadeva Vashikaran Yajna for Enchantment

The Kamadeva Vashikaran Yajna confers you the power to positively attract more females & women towards you. With this Yajna you become a Magnet of Attraction. Kamadeva Vashikaran Yajna one of the rarest and most potent Yajna in the field of Tantra.

Krishna Vashikaran Yajna

The Krishna Vashikaran Yajna is aimed to boost your overall attraction & confer you to influence individual & group of people. Krishna Yajna is performed under 3 different categories, depending upon on your purpose we guide you.

Gandharva Yajna

Gandharva Yajna ONLY for Men.

The most powerful & unfailing ritual to exert influence and attract more females towards you. It is also the best suited ritual for finding the perfect life partner. The ritual has never failed till date.

Swayamvar Yajna

The most powerful ritual performed for unmarried people who are facing unseen barriers in Marriage. It is also suited for Married couples to overcome differences. Goddess Parvati performed the Swayamvar ritual to reunite with Shiva.

Kamadeva Rati Vashikaran Yajna

When relationship suffers due to Misunderstanding & Conflicts Kamadeva Rati Yajna is conducted to confer conjugal bliss & harmony. The Yajna also confers mutual trust & respect towards each other & fosters better understanding.

Lakshmi Sammohan Yajna

How to Attract Wealth & Money consistently?

Wealth is vital for a every human being as it is a medium to fulfill ones desire. Wealth can be gained by pleasing the deity of Wealth – Goddess Lakshmi. You have to be prosperous so that you can fulfill your dreams & contribute to the society.

Astha Kamadeva Yajna

The Rarest Ritual of God KAMADEVA

The ritual can Only be conducted once a year i.e. on the day of “Vasant Panchami” (16th Feb 2021).  The extensive ritual confers the immense Attraction & power to Influence. It invokes all the 8 forms of Kamadeva. Visit the link for more details.