The following are unsolicited and unedited TESTIMONIALS  from our clients who have used our products & services. Names & emails are withheld to protect privacy. We are just a medium, its The Almighty who does it all. Thank You all for consistent support and faith in us.

Hello Dear Kirti,

Thank you for your help.

Let me share with you some of my results. After reciting 6 weeks Mantra that you recommended and realizing ritual procedure I feel myself more confident. With the help of dating agency I fixed appointments with three gentmen (my potential partners)I have not found my special someone yet but I feel myself much more attractive in my relations with colleagues and with men.Actually I feel positive changes in my life.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your efforts. May God shower his blessings on you and all the pundits for their work and dedication to making life bettter.


Every time i wear the amulet around my neck the whole day good things happen and overall i see more positive things happening around me.


My experience has been great. After the first 3~5 days of chanting, he was acting strange with me, by the 10 day he said that the relationship is too much and he is not ready for a serious relationship. My heart ached but I did not give up. I left him alone and continue chanting. It was around the 19th day of chanting and he tried to contact me and I did not response to him I waited until I was finished my 21days of chanting. On the fourth week he started to behave differently, he was more attentive and he is always calling me and spending more time with me. He still has some apprehension but I would say 90 percent he is behaving very positive. He appears to be more caring and giving and understanding. He told me that he feels very positive and he know that things will work out God willing. He also said that he knows that he will never find anyone more compatible than I am for him and he did not want to loose me.

I am very happy with the out come, I hope he would ask for marriage soon.


I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and the yantra is amazing and it is working!!!! I seem to be attracting all the right opportunities not the modelling one as of yet but i feel that coming along slowly but at my current work the popularity is SOARING SKY HIGH!!! and I’m looking better and healthier by the day!! thank you ever soo much!!!

thank you for your help once again god bless you and keep up the good honest work ????


Yes I do feel People approach me more after getting the yantra 



I have faith in your Tantric workings very much. It is wonderful to see that you deal with everyone particularly, not in the same ways but particularly as examining their problems and seeing what they actually need in their lives.


Just thought I would give you an update. After following the rituals for 6 weeks, I do feel that I have a more positive ooutlook on life, I feel healthier too. My music is getting a little more exposure. So, I feel that the rituals did help me.


I was suprised to know you are known world wide hopefully you wil open an office in the states too. 

Kindest Regards



I have benefited immensely by the rituals. I feel like a new person Now. I have able to attract love of my life.Thanks for everything.

On your web site i read about the love string rosary. I wanted to buy it.

Thanking you,  yours truly.


The professionalism and efficiency of your organization and your gracious self exceeds all expectations. It was by chance that I came upon your website but I think that gods divine intervention and grace led me to you. I want to thank you once again for your compassion and understanding.

DURBAN – South Africa

“ has completely turned my social life upside down; as now I am being invited to more events, being attractive to all the female, and have found lots of opportunities in career through networking. They are completely honest trustworthy people”.


Thank you so much for everything. I’m totally impressed on what was done on my behalf, services, your suggestions & concerns.


A miracle has happened. I’ve suddenly found myself in a relationship with a very nice, beautiful Pakistani girl. I really hope she Is the one, but I guess you can add me in the list of your successful clients, who found love!


Kirti ji, I found love when I had no hope, and with in a week everything changed. Again I thank your organization & you personally.


I was reluctant to buy your Yantras bcoz thet are a bit costly for, but its worth the cost. I am glad with your support and guidance.

Thank you for my order.


It is a great pleasure ordering from you guys. Your guys are most courteous and polite people that I’ve ever ordered from online.


All these years I thought tantra mantra was all crap until I saw that it truly works. thank you.


jai,jai,jai, my spiritual friend xxxxxxxx started the process of using your blessed tools for a relationship. she felt the energetic changes.

U.S.A, Philadelphia (PA)

I received my sammohan mala on the last week. The mala looks fantastic. After seeing its power a bunch of my friends also want to order from Vashikaran.NL. I think we are going to have a long standing relationship. Very soon will contact u again.

Om Shanti!

I feel so peaceful, and you will be glad to know VERY OPTIMISTIC. MANY MANY THANK YOU! I would one day hope to meet you in person to say this same thing ????  Much gratitude and God Bless.


I suddenly have an Interview on Monday for a mortgage position, even though its nothing to do with the media industry; in this economy I am surprised “they” found me, without me sending my resume to them. One of my online friends told me, she feels I have a great presence around me, so I should get this job, as I was talking to her regarding my interview on Monday. She’s never said that before and suddenly she feels presence and attraction around me. Amazing,


I am grateful for all you’ve done, i’ve said this time and time again and I do mean it.


I was very happy that our relation is improving and we are getting better understanding of each other.

AUSTRALIA – Toowoomba