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Vashikaran Locket & Amulets

Vashikaran Pendant

The silver plated Vashikaran pendant is aimed to attract the opposite sex. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem. If you are shy or introvert the energized locket helps you overcome the issue. 

Krishna Vashikaran

Lord Krishna is the primal energy of Attraction. The scriptures describe Krishna wearing this Rosary. The Krishna Sammohan Mala aims to invigorate you with power to captivate others & be the Center of attention in any social event or gathering.

Mohini Vashikaran Mala

Mohini Vashikaran MalaMohini is the emanation of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Mohini emerged when God Vishnu adopted the form of an Enchantress. The word Mohini originates from the Sanskrit root “Moha” which means Enchantment. Weave Mohini Mala Magic to boost your Attraction Power.

Kamadeva Pendant

The Kamadeva pendant is devised for Men. It is aimed to enhance your vigor & stamina. The Kama pendant is infused with Kamadeva Kama-Kala mantra.

Mahakali Pendant

Kali is the central deity in Vedic & Tantric Traditions. The Goddess protects you as a Mother from the Negative energies and unwanted adverse influence like Evil Eye & curses. You need to proactively wear this Mala to safeguard yourself before the negativity hits you.

Sammohan Mala

Mohini Vashikaran Mala

Sammohan means to cast a spell over self. One of the purest form of Vashikaran is called Sammohan. The energized Sammohan Mala is worn to increase your Magnetism, Charm & Influential ability. For more details check the section below.

Rati Pendant

[Only for Females]
Goddess Rati is the epitome of Beauty & Lust. Rati is the consort of Kama. The Mala is specially crafted for Females to enhance their Magnetism. It also strengthens your Feminine energies.

Pratyangira Pendant

Pratyangira is one of the most forceful goddess in tantra. The Pratyangira pendant acts as an Armour to safeguard you. It gives protection from negative influences, evil eye and bad dreams. Pratyangira Pendant is must to overcome obstacles and gain power.

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