Personalized Vashikaran Kits

Personalized Vashikaran Kits are aimed to bring speedy and remarkable changes in their lives. These Spiritual Kits contains everything you require for self remedy. The specially devised kit consists of Personalized Yantra along the Energized Rosary and Amulet. The carefully customized kit is accompanied with a Guidance instructions and a customized Audio Mantra to aid you further.

If it is love that you desire, and you crave to bring about a quick, dramatic change in your life, then you should allow the Vashikaran Love and Attraction Spell Kit to display its power for you. If you seek enhance Sexual power and become more attractive, then take possession of the Kama Sexual Spell Kit. If creating an Irresistible Attraction is your priority you should use the Potent Gandharva Raj Kit.
The Energized Self Help Kits are meant to be used for a specific person or situation only. Instructions & Guidance is available at each step through email & over the call.

 Kamadeva Akarshan Kit

God Krishna is an embodiment of Grace and Magnetism. The use of the personalized Krishna Kit is meant to improve your ability to Attract and Pull others towards you. It gives you the power to evolve as a source of magnetism.

 Rati Mohini Kit

Only For Females

Goddess Rati is the archetype of Beauty and Lust. Goddess Rati confers you the power of Attraction, minimizes aging effects. It also bestows the power of Magnetism.

Customized Gandharva Kit

Gandharva’s are powerful demigods who hold immense power to attract the “Opposite Sex” . Gandharva’s govern realm of affluence and luxuriousness. Gandharva is primarily worshipped to attract the desired Women or Girl

Kaam Rati Sammohan Kit

Kamadeva & Rati are divine couple who govern the process of Creation and Desire. Kama Rati Sammohan Kit is aimed to bring harmony in your relationship. It sparks passion and new vigour in your love life.

Lakshmi Akarshani Kit


Matangi Akarshan Kit

Goddess Matangi  is the embodiment of thought. As a protective Mother She helps resolve issues arising in marriage. If you are facing problems after marriage by husband or in-laws you must use Personalized Matangi Kit.