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Vashikaran Perfume & Scents

The life force of flowers can be your healing companion. In this segment, we will take you on a journey of the senses. Sanctified Vashikaran Perfumes are blend of sacred floral combinations & oils. Scents are your energetic signature which directly stimulates the senses. Just as colors have an impact on the moods & feelings in the similar way the blending the right combination of scents convey an Aura or Vibration. These vibrations work on the invisible level but makes an evident impact in the physical realm. The Energized Vashikaran scents and oils directly influences the mind & senses. The Rasa Shastra, Ayurveda & Gandh Vigyan (Science of Scent) describe the formulations that can be used to Enchant others, Gain Magnetism & Amplify your Attraction. Under Vashikaran Tantra, flower essences are used to Invoke the Gods, Awaken the sensual feelings in a person & for the purpose of Subjugation (Vashikaran)

Just as you can recognize whether a person is happy or sad by looking at them, in the similar way Vashikaran perfume creates its own presence. The scents acts as a bridge between your subtle vibrations on etheric realm & the physical world. By steady use of applying Vashikaran Perfume enables you to connect & influence the right people. There are certain floral oils that are closely related to the sensuality, attraction, conjure or magnetize romantic love.

What make Vashikaran Perfume Unique?

Each flower’s vibration is unique as it express & emits a specific scent. We have successfully combined several floral oils & fragrances over the years. By combining the right essence we have created some potent perfume combinations which has the power to Enchant, Attract & Subjugate just by the scent you wear.

Various Vashikaran Perfume are designed for different intentions. Each fragrance carries a targeted emotion for a variety of healing and manifestation purposes.
Floral essence is fundamentally the vibration and subtle peculiarity of a flower. They work on both energetic and emotional levels, and merge with our personal energies that creates a positive shifts in your Aura, Magnetism and Mindset of others.


Vashikaran Perfume for different purposes like –

  • Kamadeva Sammohan Perfume to enhance your Attraction Power.
  • Rati Mohin Perfume to enhance magnetism in Females. 
  • Krishna Sammohan Perfume to amplify your Magnetism.
  • Mohini Perfume to influence the Opposite Sex.
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