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Vashikaran Tilak, Vashikaran Powder, Vashikaran TeekaVashikaran Tilak

Vashikaran Tilak is a sacred power which is made-up of combining various herbs and natural extracted oils. It is applied on the forehead. The prime purpose of Vashikaran Tilak is to control and retain power over others. Whoever sees the Tilak applied on your forehead will be under your spell. You might have seen several politicians, babas and tantric applying the tilak to control others. One has to use Vashikaran Tilak in a Positive manner,otherwise be ready for consequences. Various combinations of of Vashikaran Tilak are available based on the purpose you. The procedure to prepare the tilak and energize it is different based on specific need. Some of the common types of Vashikaran Tilak are as follows –

  • Vashikaran Tilak to Attract a group of people (below 50 people).
  • Vashikaran Tilak to Attract a Specific person (Men or Women).
  • Vashikaran Tilak to enchant the person you desire.
  • Vashikaran Tilak to win over enemies.
  • Vashikaran Tilak for Mass Influence & controlling a large group.


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