What is Vashikaran Yajna?

A Yajna or Yagya is an ancient practice with scientific undertones. Yajnas are described as the pillars of Indian beliefs and culture. It is conducted to purify ourselves and to seek blessings from the universe to manifest the desired Intent. In the  Yajna is specifically performed by learned priest, to connect with the Universal Consciousness to seek strength and Fulfillment of our wish.

Vashikaran Yajna (Ritual) is primarily performed for fulfilling ones desire trough the Divine intervention. There are different Gods who invited & invoked during the Yajna for making it successful.

Yajna also refers as Fire worship. Fire – which is considered as a medium to offer the oblations to deity. The Vedic & Tantric scriptures speak about the glory of Yajna’s. The Atharvaveda  deals with sound therapy aspects of Mantras for the benefit of the mankind. The Samaveda  focuses on the musical chanting model of the Mantras and speaks about the subtle energies of Yajna. The Yajurveda  encloses the understanding of principles and methods of performing Yajnas. Yajnas were performed in olden days by Kings for the well being, wish fulfillment and prosperity. King Dasharath, too, is said to have performed a  to beget a virtuous son. Rama was born soon after this Yajna.

Vashikaran.ORG primarily specializes in the following Yajnas – 

1. To attain well-being and prosperity.

2. Attract desired Relationship.

3. Eradicate Barriers in Marriage.

4. Attract a Compatible life partner.

5. Bestow Harmony among couples.

6. For attracting and subduing a SPECIFIC person with a positive intent.

7. To gain control the large group of people.

8. To increase Attraction and Magnetism.

9. To boost the Magnetic Aura of Attraction within you.

10. To amplify Vigor & Vitality etc.

Note –  Under no circumstances we perform Vashikaran Yajna to harm anyone. Please go through over service overview section here

How Vashikaran Yajna can Benefit You? 

We have a dedicated team of Priests and Tantrics who perform remedial Yajnas following procedure and methods as per the scriptures. When a Mantra is chanted collectively during a Yajna, its sonic power rises exponentially due to the unification of the sound energies & also by the the offerings made to the specific deity.

During a Yajna deities are invoked, worshiped and appeased by reciting mantras and offering sacred food (Naivedya), clarified ghee, sacred herbs etc. The deity is welcomed like a sacred guest with divine gestures (Mudras), offering good food, fine clothes, display of sacred articles, chanting of mantras and musical hymns. Significance of Yajna also lies in the subtle power of the substances which are offered in the sacrificial fire. The selection of a particular wood or Yajna ingredients (Yajna Samagri) depends on the purpose for which Yajna is performed.

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The vital ingredients used in Vashikaran Yajna

Sacred Herbs in combination with ingredients like Guggle, Loban, Shakkar, Giloye, and Rice together with ghee and wood, amidst chanting of sacred mantras, which are set to a particular note, rhythm and sound vibration. Religious ceremonies involve elaborate rituals and offerings. The act of offering food to God itself becomes a Sadhana and is considered sacred. Yagnas have no side effects rather they help in getting rid of impurities in the surroundings and also resolve your relationship issues.

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